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The Most Advanced Energy Management System for the Hospitality Industry Reduces Guest Room Energy Use by an Average of 30%

St. Maarten | 52¢ kW-h
Monthly Savings $3,280
Annual Savings $39,354
ROI 4.4 months
ROI 1st Year  $25,054
ROI 5 Years $182,471
| 42¢ kW-h
Monthly Savings $7,224
Annual Savings $86,689
ROI 5.4 months
ROI 1st Year  $47,689
ROI 5 Years $394,447
Bahamas | 34¢ kW-h
Monthly Savings $28,000
Annual Savings $336,850
ROI 6.7 months
ROI 1st Year  $149,650
ROI 5 Years $1,497,049

Amazingly Easy! One standard key card reader controls individual room lighting, television and thermostat.

When a guest enters a room, they insert their key card into the reader, activating their preferred HVAC, television and lighting settings. When the guest leaves the room, they simply remove the keycard from the reader, which automatically turns off the lights and television, and returns the HVAC system to management presets.

Real Energy Savings

  • Advanced energy saving features allow TempZon to drastically reduce guest room HVAC energy consumption.
  • Guest room HVAC energy consumption accounts for more that 53% of total energy consumption of hospitality properties.
  • Hospitality properties with TempZon EMS have reduced guest room HVAC energy consumption by an average of 30%.

Easy Installation

  • The product is operated through a wireless transmission and installed in less than 10 minutes per room.
  • Comprehensive configuration options ensure total compatibility with virtually any existing or emerging hospitality HVAC system.
  • Wired or wireless connectivity to the climate control unit facilitates integration with existing HVAC infrastructure.
  • Intelligent system design minimizes the number of required components -- keeping installation costs to a minimum.

Remote Management & Wireless Networking

Web-based remote management provides a comprehensive solution for both off and on-site monitoring. Room status reports display current occupancy and energy usage, as well as operational status of all rooms on the property.

  • Web-based TempZon interface provides secure management access from any web-enabled computer.
  • Custom alert notifications for different rooms and different user/management levels.
  • Alert notifications to ensure timely response to operational issues.
  • Temperature alerts help identify malfunctions and prevent damage caused by extreme temperatures.

Unique Guest Features

  • Personalized guest messaging on-screen (thermostat)
  • Door-activated welcome light

Conserve and Create

TempZon Components

The TempZon KeyCard Reader is the "key" to our innovative system. This unit controls the power throughout the room, and when the card is not in the slot, it cuts off all power to the outlets and re-adjusts the temperature, saving you money and energy.

The TempZon Wall Unit is also controlled by the KeyCard Reader. Power is only turned on when the KeyCard is active.

The thermostat is set up so that when the Key Card Reader is active, it can be adjusted to a desired temperature, but when the KeyCard is turned off, the Thermostat is set to a controlled climate.

The TempZon Bulb Socket is similar to the Wall Unit. Plug this unit into a lamp and allow the KeyCard reader to control whether power is generated. This unit is just another key to saving money and energy.

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