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Are you ready to go solar? Solar power is a proven way to create clean, renewable and sustainable energy.

Photovoltaic solar systems (PV) convert sunlight directly into electricity, potentially providing all of a building's energy demands. Why pay the utility company when your own roof top can collect the free, clean, abundant energy of the sun?

PV systems integrate seamlessly with roofing systems. They are silent, clean and incur no operating costs.

The Product: Flexlight

Flexlight is the most shadow-tolerant and hurricane-resistant PV panel, making it ideal for Florida. This flexible PV panel adheres directly to a building’s roof system without penetration. No additional structural support needs to be installed. Once the panels are installed along with an inverter and balanced to your building’s capacity, the system will produce electricity – reducing your electric bill.

How Does It Work?

PV panels use light from the sun to produce electricity which, through the inverter, becomes standard building electricity that you can use. The PV system will cause your on-grid meter to slow down, stop or even spin backwards. Your roof top becomes your power plant, producing clean, carbon-free electricity.


Federal and state governments offer various rebates and tax credits to encourage the use of renewable energy. EcoSolar representatives can help you determine the optimal government incentives applicable to your puchase and installation. Links to reference materials are provided below:

> State Solar Rebate
> SEIA Guide to Federal Tax Incentives (PDF 1MB)
> Energy Star Federal Tax Credits
> Green Tags

> LEED Points

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