Converting Sunlight to Electricity for your Florida Home

With State, Federal & Utility Company Incentives, NOW is the time & most economical way to save AT LEAST 25% of your electric bill.

The Sun is the new modern power energy source. It’s our NATURAL Nuclear Power Plant in the sky.

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Our products will drastically reduce your monthly utility bills and at the same time they are environmentally friendly. Our Solar Electric solutions won’t compromise or diminish the beauty of the home, but will add to its value. The integrated solar systems are very thin and are non-obtrusive. We place these solar panels on the roof in the best places that will collect sunlight, without compromising the exterior of the home or business.

Benefits for Solar Electricity — It’s our Future

  • We help reduce the demands on the utility companies
  • Safe for our environment
  • Reduce the need for foreign oil
  • Drastically reduce utility bills
  • You can store the unused power
  • No pollution discharge

Solar Pool Pumps

The second most costly electrical item in the home after A/C. Eco Solars DC pumps are virtually SILENT and use 30% of a regular pumps energy – PLUS we get all the energy we use from the SUN.

The total amount of energy irradiated from the sun to the earth’s surface is enough to provide more than 10,000 times the annual global energy consumption. Each year, enough sunlight reaches the earth’s surface to produce approximately 1,000 times the same amount of energy produced by burning all fossil fuels mined and extracted during the same period. Every few hours, the amount of sunlight that hits the earth has more energy than the entire United States will consume in a year. Technology already exists to convert solar energy into usable energy.

Solar Water Heating

Americans consume approximately 2.5 quadrillion BTUs of end-use energy annually to produce household hot water at a cost of over $20 billion dollars. On average, 20-30% of a household’s energy consumption is for hot water. Solar water heating technology can provide 80-90% of household hot water demand. Most systems pay for themselves in three to five years, and continue to provide hot water for many years.

Solar Pool Heating

The U.S. Department of Energy has identified swimming pools as a huge consumer of energy across the country, and has recognized solar pool heating as one of the most cost-effective means of reducing energy consumption. Payback can be as low as two years and the solar system can extend the swimming season without additional cost.

Photovoltaic Electricity

Photovoltaic solar systems (PV) convert sunlight directly into electricity. They can provide electricity for residential and commercial buildings, including power for lights and air conditioning. Compared with electricity generated from fossil fuels, each kilowatt of PV-produced electricity offsets up to 830 pounds of nitrogen oxide, 1,500 pounds of sulfur dioxide, and 217,000 pounds of carbon dioxide every year. A PV system integrates seamlessly with roofing systems and can be fed through a meter into the utility grid. When a building requires more electricity than the PV array is generating, the need is automatically met by the utility power. When the building requires less electricity than the PV array generates, the excess can often be fed (or sold) back to the utility through net metering.

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