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A $15.5 million solar energy rebate program for FPL customers begins this month

Please refer to EcoTechnologies FPL Rebate page to learn more about the FPL rebate program and how we can help you apply for it.

If you've been thinking about buying a solar water heater or installing a solar power system, now's the time to get serious.

A $15.5 million solar energy rebate program for Florida Power & Light Co. customers begins this month.

"We expect the available funding to be claimed very quickly so we encourage interested customers to start researching projects and meeting with contractors as soon as possible. I believe similar programs from TECO and Progress were fully claimed in less than two days," said FPL spokeswoman Jackie Anderson.

Customers interested in installing solar powered upgrades to their homes and businesses can apply for rebates starting June 21 through a new five-year pilot program approved by the Florida Public Service Commission. The program is designed to help reduce energy use and peak demand.

Rebates will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis for customers who install solar water heating or solar photovoltaic panels this year. The program will provide up to $1,000 per installed residential solar water heater, and FPL estimates rebates will be available for about 4,500 customers, depending on the size of the systems.

Residential customers can receive up to $2 per kilowatt of output, or a maximum of $20,000 for a PV system. FPL estimates rebates will be available for about 400 customers.

Business customers can receive up to $50,000 per site for solar water heaters and up to $50,000 for a PV system. The maximum is a $150,000 rebate for a business with multiple locations. FPL estimates water heater rebates will be available for about 50 businesses, and PV rebates for about 80 businesses.

About 1,100 of FPL's 4.5 million customer accounts operate their own solar generation. FPL expects the funding cap for new solar PV rebates to be reached quickly because of growing interest in solar power.

FPL will also connect the customers' solar PV systems to the electric grid through its net-metering program, which allows customers to receive a credit for the electricity they produce but don't use. For more details, visit

Interested customers should begin exploring options as soon as possible to ensure that they have time to identify a contractor and gather the required information before the application period opens on June 21.

Program details and application checklists are available now at

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