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Residential Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Power System

One of the most promising renewable energy technologies is photovoltaics. Photovoltaics (PV) is a means of producing electricity on site, directly from the sun, without concern for energy supply or environmental harm. These solid-state devices make electricity out of sunlight, silently, with no maintenance, no pollution, and no depletion of materials.

There are two basic PV module technologies available on the market today:

  1. Thick crystal products include solar cells made from crystalline silicon either as single or poly-crystalline wafers and deliver about 10-12 watts per ft² of PV array (under full sun).
  2. Thin-film products incorporate very thin layers of photovoltaicly active material placed on a glass superstrate or a metal substrate. Thin-film materials deliver about 4-5 watts per ft² of PV array area (under full sun).

EcoTechnologies offers PV systems using either of these technologies based on a complete analysis of your home's location and electric needs.

A complete PV system includes:

  1. The PV modules (which might be thin-film or crystalline, transparent, semi-transparent, or opaque);
  2. A charge controller, to regulate the power into and out of the battery storage bank (in stand-alone systems);
  3. A power storage system, generally comprised of the utility grid in utility-interactive systems or, a number of batteries in stand-alone systems;
  4. Power conversion equipment including an inverter to convert the PV modules' DC output to AC compatible with the utility grid;
  5. Backup power supplies such as diesel generators (optional-typically employed in stand-alone systems); and
  6. Appropriate support and mounting hardware, wiring, and safety disconnects.

(diagram courtesy of Research Institute for Sustainable Energy (RISE)

The benefits of power production at the point of use include savings through lower electric bills because of peak shaving (matching peak production with periods of peak demand). Moreover, buildings that produce power using renewable energy sources reduce the demands on traditional utility generators, often reducing the overall emissions of climate-change gasses.

EcoTechnologies offers complete, building-integrated photovoltaic solar electric systems which can be integrated in metal, membrane or shingle roofs.

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