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EcoTechnologies is a full-service, green building contractor specializing in renewable energy and energy conservation for new construction and retrofits. We provide complete, customized solutions which include consulting, design, installation and service.

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Tripolymer Foam-in-Place Insulation

Tripolymer is a highly efficient, economical thermal and acoustical foam-in-place insulation. Tripolymer reduces energy loss, improves sound attenuation, and increases the fire safety of many types of construction.

Its unique chemistry meets green environmental standards since it does not use or emit HCFC or hydrocarbons.


Tripolymer can be used in virtually any type of construction -- commercial masonry block core fill, block/brick veneer, residential homes, cluster homes and town homes in either new or retrofit applications.


Tripolymer has an R-rating of 4.8 at 72°F per inch and becomes more efficient at colder temperatures. It begins saving energy and dollars immediately upon installation and does not decrease in efficiency over time. Infiltration is greatly reduced as compared to fiber batt and blown-in insulation, and it does not settle.

Sound Deadening

Tripolymer's cellular structure provides an effective acoustical barrier against airborne sound transmissions. It can be installed in both new and retrofit construction, eliminating sound transmission through interior and exterior walls. It also reduces resonance vibration of interior finishes.

Fire Resistance

Independent laboratories have tested Tripolymer under a wide variety of construction systems. It is rated as a CLASS 1 Building Material and does not emit hazardous gases when exposed to heat or fire. Tripolymer will not support combustion and will not ignite or drip when under fire conditions.

Tested for steel stud, wood frame, party wall partitions and load-bearing interior and exterior walls, Tripolymer will increase fire ratings from 50% to 150%, eliminating the need to install costly gypsum.

Ease of Installation

Tripolymer is a cold-setting foam that is installed into the wall system with specially-engineered metering equipment by factory-trained and certified installers. It easily flows into hard-to-reach cavities, completely filling the cavity, and hardens within 10 to 60 seconds after injection. Tripolymer foam-in-place is a cold setting process and does not expand once it is injected into the wall cavity. Small cavities around window units, pipe chases, air ducts and conduits can easily be retrofitted.

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