Faucet Aerators

Start conserving water and energy today, by installing our water efficient faucet aerators!
There is no easier and more cost effective way to help preserve our most precious resource and put a considerable amount of money back in your pocket.

In almost all situations especially in bathrooms you simply don’t need the wasteful 2.2 gpm flow or more that you’re currently using.

All models are duel threaded to fit male or female threaded faucets, adaptors are also available for unique faucet sizes!The unique screenless construction of our aerators provides the ultimate resistance to lime build?up to preserve the stream quality and flow rate along many years of use in most water conditions.

Our quality products and pressure compensating flow regulators produce a constant flow regardless of pressure fluctuations.

Made in the United States and compliant with all major regulatory and governing bodies including; ANSI/NSF61

Just by changing the end of your faucet could save you up to $100.00 per year!
Available Flow Rates & Models – Saving up-to 77%

0.5gpm – Spray – non aerated – Ideal for Bathrooms and Public lavatories
1.0gpm – Spray – non aerated – Ideal for Bathrooms
1.0gpm – Aerated stream – Ideal for Bathrooms
1.5gpm – Aerated stream – Ideal for Kitchens
1.5gpm – Laminar flow – non aerated – Ideal for Health Care Facilities


Price: $5 each (+ 7% tax for FL residents and shipping)

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