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Energy loss can cost you money, and the biggest loss goes right through the roof! Insulation is the primary defense against heat gain and loss – and EcoInsulate foam insulation can dramatically reduce a building’s energy needs.

A building envelope is the separation between the interior and the exterior environments of a building. It serves as the outer shell to protect the indoor environment as well as to facilitate its climate control. Depending on climate, up to 40% of a building’s heat loss or gain is due to air leaks to the outdoors. Keeping air from leaking in and out of a building can dramatically reduce energy needs.

Soy-Based Foam Insulation
Soy-based, natural foam insulation is a semi-rigid foam that expands to 100 times its original size. As it expands, it conforms and fills each cavity, crevice and void in a building to create a highly-efficient seal against air infiltration, the number one source of energy loss. Forming a true thermal seal, soy-based foam insulation has the ability to reduce energy consumption and utility bills by 25-35% over traditional construction methods. It also prevents harmful outside irritants such as mold, pollen and other allergens from entering the structure, and gives occupants full control of the quality of their indoor air with high precision -- be it filtration, humidity, ventilation or temperature.

Soy-based foam insulation is made primarily from soybean oil, an annually renewable resource produced by over 600,000 farmers, right here in the U.S. The use of this environmentally-friendly raw material replaces petroleum ingredients, reducing dependence on fossil fuels. In addition, it emits no VOCs or CFCs and produces no harmful environmental side effects. It is the most environmentally friendly insulation in the industry.

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