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EcoTechnologies is a full-service, green building contractor specializing in renewable energy and energy conservation for new construction and retrofits. We provide complete, customized solutions which include consulting, design, installation and service.

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BioBased Spray Foam Insulation

BioBased Insulation® seals a structure's thermal envelope, making it more energy efficient, healthier, comfortable and durable than traditionally insulated homes. BioBased Insulation® is water-blown and made by incorporating natural, renewable ingredients as a replacement for a portion of the petroleum.

Why is BioBased Insulation® considered to be a more environmentally responsible insulation alternative?

First, BioBased Insulation® seals a building's thermal envelope, which means you can use less energy heating and cooling your home each month. That's good for the environment. But, our products also integrate natural oils as a replacement for a portion of the petroleum used in spray foam systems. BioBased Insulation® also is applied using water as the blowing agent. Both of these are steps that we've taken to make lessen the impact that our productshave on the environment without sacrificing our products' performance.

How much money can BioBased Insulation® save me?

BioBased Insulation® can help save building and home owners up to 50% on their heating and cooling costs when used in conjunction with other responsible building components. BioBased Insulation® more than pays for itself by providing you savings in each and every month’s heating and cooling bill for the life of your home or office.

As an example, using BioBased Insulation® may increase your monthly mortgage by $15, but decrease your monthly utility bills by $65, providing a net savings of $50 month in and month out.

How does BioBased Insulation® create a more comfortable home or office?

According to the Department of Energy, air infiltration or exfiltration accounts for up to 40% of the energy loss in a home or structure. This air leakage can cause temperature differences from room-to-room or floor-to-floor, which reduces the comfort of your home.

By expanding multiple times its original size, BioBased Insulation® fills cracks and crevices creating an airtight seal of protection around your home or office. This airtight seal will help you keep all of your room temperatures at consistent, desirable levels and give you control over the air in your home.

Another benefit is a quieter atmosphere. Traffic on a busy street or other airborne sounds can be greatly reduced. BioBased Insulation® not only gives you peace of mind, but peace and quiet, too.

Is it true BioBased Insulation® can make my home or office healthier?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air can be two to five times more polluted than outdoor air. With the continuous air barrier BioBased Insulation® creates and proper ventilation, the air quality inside your home or structure will improve.

People suffering from allergies will also benefit from the reduction of pollen and allergens that traditional insulations allow to seep inside and the fibers that they add to the indoor air.

BioBased Insulation® resists moisture, too, helping to prevent mold growth. So it not only keeps out harmful elements, it doesn’t introduce or harbor new ones either.

How long will BioBased Insulation® Last?

BioBased Insulation® will not settle or sag over time like conventional insulation. That means you’ll enjoy all the benefits of energy-efficiency and healthier air for as long as you own your home or structure. Most people have heard about R-value — how well a product prevents against conductive heat flow. However, what many do not know is R-value is only one of four elements to consider when addressing heat transfer. Convection, radiation and air infiltration are equally important and BioBased Insulation® performs at high levels with all of these.

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Amazing Soy Foam

Soybeans are now used to make eco insulation. Take a 4-minute behind-the-scenes look at this amazing product.

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